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What is Biofemalia?

Biofemalia vulvar cream is a physiological pH cream based on Aloe vera, Lactic Acid, Vitamin E, and Ginger. Soothing cream specially formulated for the vulvar area. It contains specific active ingredients that relieve vulvar itching and promote the barrier function of the vulvar skin, minimising the risk of irritation. Formulated at physiological pH: Respects the vulvar flora and adapted to the child's vulvar area.

Biofemalia vulvar cream helps to restore the comfort and wellness vulvar. It is a soothing cream that does not contain anesthetics (lidocaine, benzocaine) and has been tested for a maximum tolerance for sensitive individuals.

Biofemalia vulvar cream has excellent spreadability and is easily absorbed by the skin and it will not leave any oily residue.


For Adults:

  • Relief from the discomforts affecting the external area surrounding the vagina: itching, burning, irritation and skin infections.

  • Soothing action in the case of vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis.

  • Prevents vulvar dryness and discomfort typical during menopause.

For pediatric patients:

  • Relief from vulvar itching and irritation in girls aged 0 to 10.

  • Helpful in the case of adhesions of the labia minora (Synechia Vulvae) in childhood.

For further information about Product's uses, indication, dose, dosagepackaging, storage and administration please refer to patient leaflet below.

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