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Effervescent Tablet


What is Kalfree?

Kalfree effervescent tablets are potassium mineral for normalization of potassium balance and prevent of kidney stones.


For potassium supplementation in the following situations:

  • Markedly low blood potassium concentrations (hypokalemia 3.2 mmol/l), especially in subjects with a metabolism-related excess of add in the blood (metabolic acidosis)

  • Potassium-related disorders of nerve and muscle activity (hypokalemic neuromuscular disorders) or disorders of heart rhythm.

  • Low blood potassium concentrations (hypokalemia) in subjects reviving treatment with digitalis-based heart drugs.

To prevent low blood potassium dahcentrations (hypokalemia) in the following situations:

  • Too much acid in the blood due to ketone bodies (ketoacidosis), for example due to diabetes.

To prevent the recurrence of kidney stones (kidney stone metaphylaxis):

  • In the presence of calculi (e.g. when the small canals in the kidney are unable to excrete sufficient quantities of hydrogen ions, i.e., in subjects with renal tubular acidosis)

  • Excessively low citrate excretion (hypocitraturia < 320 mg/day of various causes)

  • Uric acid calculi.

For further information about Product's uses, indication, dose, dosagepackaging, storage and administration please refer to patient leaflet below.

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