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Osteovitam Plus

Effervescent Tablet

Osteovitam Plus

What is OsteoVitam Plus?

OsteoVitam Plus is a combination of calcium with necessary vitamins for the restoration of Bone and joint plus absorbable hydrolyzed collagen working in synergy for prevention of osteoporosis and relief of pain from Oseoarthritis.Calcium is the main mineral of bone tissue, which supports bone metabolism.Vitamin D3 is responsible for calcium absorption within the small intestine.Magnesium activates enzymes which take part in collagen synthesis.Vitamin K2 takes part in the normal synthesis of bone protein osteocacin.Vitamin B12 is necessary for optimum osteoblast function.Hydolyzed Collagen boosts the bone density as collagen is the most important part of connective tissue in the bone. Insulin increases the absorption of calcium and possibly of magnesium. This can be important in building stronger bones and maintaining bone integrity.


  • The prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency/vitamin D deficiency especially in the housebound and institutionalised elderly subjects.

  • Prevention of osteoporosis.

  • Necessary preventive supplement for women in menopause.

  • Promotes the recovery after bone fractures and traumas.

  • For prevention of changes in bone structure of people suffering from tireotoxicose, diabetes and after a long term steroids treatment.

  • In cases of osteoporotic changes after trauma, surgical operations, serious illnesses which impose continued immobilization.

  • For maintaining the normal building and absorption of bone tissue and the teeth.

  • For normalization of the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.

For further information about Product's uses, indication, dose, dosagepackaging, storage and administration please refer to patient leaflet below.

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