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What is Semazin-Bio?

Serratiopeptidase is a proteolytic enzyme secreted by the non-pathogenic enterobacteria Serratia E-15 which live in the intestines of the silkworm.

Semazin-Bio® increases detritus elimination and fibrin deposits in the inflammation area, accelerates the decomposition of toxic metabolic products and dying tissues, improves the clearing of hematoma and swellings and normalizes vascular permeabilitv.

After its enteral administration, the enzyme in the preparation's composition is absorbed in the small intestine by resorption of the intact molecules which connect to the transport proteins in the blood and become a part of the circulation. Afterwards, the enzyme migrates to the vascular bed and accumulates in the area of the pathological process due to the selective action of necrotic tissues. The preparation is particular with its strong analgesic effect- it inhibits the spread of pain mediators (bradykinin, histamine, serotonin, etc.) in the inflammation area. After administration, Semazin-Bio® increases the effectiveness of antibiotics due to decreased antibiotic resistance of the microorganisms.


  • It promotes the bowel health, because it is natural proteolytic enzyme it will hepl reduce the inflammation, which can be the cause of abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhoea

  • It will hepl to digest dead tissues and may be helpful in case of welling and oedema

  • It promotes the ear, nose and throat health, because it may help to minimze the excessive mucous production, which is due to blood to clot.

  • It will improve bronchial health since it loosens sputum and reduces coughing and expectoration

  • It will enhance cardiovascular health since it contains a natural proteolytic enzyme that may aid in the dissolution of artery plaques 

For further information about Product's uses, indication, dose, dosagepackaging, storage and administration please refer to patient leaflet below.

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