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Zitro 250mg


Zitro 250mg

What is Zitro?

ZITRO is 250 mg film coated tablet. It is presented in  blister packaging containing 6 tablets, each tablet  contains 250 mg azithromycin. ZITRO is a white  colored, oblong, scored on both sides, biconvex, film  coated tablet. The purpose of score is only for facilitating  breaking the tablet for swallowing, it is not for dividing the  tablet into equal doses. Tablet contains lactose obtained  from bovine milk.


ZITRO belongs to a group of antibiotics called macrolides.  It is used to treat infections caused by certain bacteria  and other micro-organisms which include: 

  • Chest, throat or nasal infections (such as bronchitis,  pneumonia and sinusitis). 

  • In the treatment of pharyngitis and tonsillitis caused  by Streptococcus pyogenes in presence of penicillin  allergy.

  • Ear infections.

  • Skin and soft tissue infections (such as an abscess or  boil). 

  • Sexually-transmitted diseases caused by an organism  called Chlamydia. 

  • Soft tissue ulcers caused by a micro-organism called  Haemophilus. ducreyi and sexually transmitted  infections caused by a non multidrug-resistant  micro-organism called Neisseria gonorrhoeae without  any accompanying infections.

For further information about Product's uses, indication, dose, dosagepackaging, storage and administration please refer to patient leaflet below.

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